Apply Advanced Decorative Paint Finishes

Apply Advanced Decorative Paint Finishes

This course of competency specifies the outcomes required to apply decorative paint finishes to a range of different material surfaces.



The course includes planning and preparation for the work, preparation of the application area, application of imitation marble effects and imitation wood grain effects, application of stencils and completion of clean-up activities.

This course of competency supports the attainment of the understanding and skills to apply advanced decorative paint finishes, which may include working with others and as a member of a team.




This course is beneficial to participants in the following sector:

– Construction, Plumbing and Services Sector



Skill Set

Upon completion of this course, participants will possess adequate skill in:

– Strategic Marketing Skill Set
– Service Management Skill Set







Course Content

Section 1: Plan and prepare.

Section 2: Prepare application area.

Section 3: Produce imitation marble effects.

Section 4: Produce imitation wood grain effects.

Section 5: Apply advanced stencils.

Section 6: Apply advanced lining and special finishes and techniques.

Section 7: Create large scale decorative projects

Section 8: Clean up and store equipment.



Study Outcome

Evidence of the ability to:

– locate, interpret and apply relevant information, standards and specifications
– comply with site safety plan and OHS legislation, regulations and codes of practice applicable to workplace operations
– comply with organisational policies and procedures including quality requirements
– safely and effectively operate and use tools, plant and equipment
– communicate and work effectively and safely with others
– complete to specification the following decorative finishes:
– a minimum of one marble graining effect on a standard panel size surface
– a minimum of one wood graining effect on a standard panel size surface
– design and cutting of a multi-plate stencil and at least two applications of the stencil
– dispose of all paint types in an environmentally sustainable way compliant with relevant local legislation and regulations
– clean and store painting equipment using environmentally sustainable methods and work practices including waste reticulation systems.

Course ProviderLocationDateDelivery ModeAccreditation

Everthought Education

Perth and Brisbane- Classroom
- Workshop
- Industry Participation

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