Develop and Implement Strategic Plans

Develop and Implement Strategic Plans


This course describes the skills and knowledge required to establish the strategic direction of the organisation, sustain competitive advantage and enhance competitiveness. It covers analysis and interpretation of relevant markets, capability assessment of the organisation and analysis of the organisation’s existing and potential competitors and allies. It also covers implementation of the strategic plan and developing specific actions and initiatives that will be undertaken by people working in various roles.



It applies to individuals working in senior roles in the organisation who have responsibility for ensuring that the organisation is positioned to ensure its long-term viability and success.


No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this course.




This course is beneficial to participants in the following sectors:

– Transport and Logistics Sector

– Resources and Infrastructure Industry Sector

– Health Sector

– Forest and Wood Products Sector

– Financial Services Sector

– Creative Arts and Culture Sector

– Property Services Training Package

– Community Services Sector

– Business Services Sector

– Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Sector



Skill Set

Upon completion of this course, participants will possess adequate skill in:

– Skill set for managing change in the forest and wood products industry

– Skill set for leading business development in the forest and wood products industry

– Skill set for forest and wood product innovation for managers




Management and Leadership – Management



Course Content

Section 1: Confirm organisational vision and mission
Section 2: Analyse the internal and external environment
Section 3: Write strategic plan
Section 4: Implement strategic plan



Study Outcome

Evidence of the ability to:

– Consult and communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders to:
* confirm or revise the organisation’s mission, vision and values.
* validate findings of research and analysis.
* get input to and endorsement of strategic plans.
* brief relevant parties about the plan.

– Analyse organisation’s internal and external environment to formulate strategic plans including:
* background and research relevant to the plan.
* legislation, regulations and codes of practice, including for intellectual property.
* objectives, strategies and priorities.
* roles and responsibilities.
* performance indicators.
* timeframes.
* consideration of co-operative ventures.
* cost-benefit and risk analysis.

– Seek advice from appropriate experts wherever necessary.

– Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan and make refinements as appropriate.

– Review effectiveness of planning processes and identify opportunities for improvement.

Course ProviderLocationDateDelivery ModeAccreditation

Perth College of Business Technology

Perth30th Jul 2018 - 20th Aug 2018 (4Days)- Classroom
- Workshop
- Industry Participation

Southern Cross School of Business

Sydney and Parramatta3rd Sep 2018 - 8th Oct 2018 (5Days)

- Classroom
- Workshop
- Industry Participation

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